RAIsoft's expert training

Training is an important part of our business. Our goal is to help you interpret and utilise the information in our software to provide top-notch services to your clients as well as build your own professional skills.

Our software is used in multiple care settings, for example home and long term care for elderly, mental health care for all ages, assistance for the physically impaired, and preventive care.

We offer training for all care professionals, from front-line staff to senior management. For example:
• How to use efficiently
• Administrative and basic functions
• Process and policy development
• Understanding the content and results of the assessment
• Using the results in care planning
• Mental health issues

We offer customised training session as well as train-the-trainer programs. The in-house experts are able to help the organisation to utilise our software more extensively and effectively.

All of our RAIsoft Specialists have extensive first-hand interRAI experience and they have comprehensive training for the demanding position of a RAIsoft Specialist. We offer in-person training and on-line trainings according to your needs. 

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