Our RAIsoft.net software solution is available to users as a SaaS (Software as a Service) cloud service over the internet. Users only need a computer, an internet connection and a compatible browser: Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Apple Safari.


We take care of the maintenance of the service, software upgrades, server environment, data backups and technical support. Our RAIsoft.net service also includes business hour support, which can be accessed via email or in urgent cases by phone.


Data security is the foundation of our operations. The service we offer is completely isolated from our office network and follows strict data centre requirements.The entire service is protected by SSL/TLS. Internet traffic between our RAIsoft.net environment and users is completely encrypted. Upon logging in, users have to provide their personal credentials and a password or an electronic ID verification.Our RAIsoft.net environment is protected by a firewall and the services are constantly monitored. Operational reliability is also monitored continuously and clients are notified as needed.

Admin Tool

Vitec Raisoft’s versatile admin tool is a real powerhouse. It enables the user to customize reports, care plan templates etc., and to assign user rights meeting existing data privacy requirements including transaction logs. 


We reserve the right to carry out maintenance procedures on our RAIsoft.net service and to perform software upgrades. Clients will be notified of maintenance interruptions in advance.


Vitec Raisoft Oy is internationally certified by the ISO 9001 quality system and for data security by ISO/IEC 27001.