Manage costs and improve outcomes by applying effective digital solutions. 

The RAIsoft product offers extensive features for data collection and reporting. With add-on modules and options for EHR integrations, the solution brings documentation and information sharing to a new level. The versatile admin tool is the powerhouse of the solution. Clinicians and managers all have access to real-time information for effective decision-making. Raisoft complies with the highest quality and data security standards with proven international certificates.

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Raisoft.net cloud service


Cloud Service

Our software is available online – regardless of your location. The cloud service is a SaaS-based solution (Software as a Service).

The service package includes servers, maintenance, support, software upgrades and data backups.
Fixed annual fee – no unexpected expenses!

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Add-on Modules
for data management

The add-on modules make the solution both affordable and user friendly.

These modules provide you with information that can be used to create personalized assessment-based care plans, analyze data, and facilitate a fast flow of information between care professionals and administrators. Data can change your perspective of the big picture, for example managing resources, comparing outcomes of care, or for making policy decisions.

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Smooth Integrations

You don’t have to change your EHR system to get the best interRAI solution

We have extensive experience in system integration. Our software solution can be integrated with any Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems using APIs and FHIR/HL7 standard. Our integrations significantly reduce workload by automatically transferring information from one system to another. Currently, we integrate with more than 10 EHR systems. 

Our software solution retrieves, for example, basic information, medication information, diagnoses, and services used. This information will form the foundation for the interRAI assessments. Similarly, the assessment information and care plan automatically become a part of the patient record system through integration.

An important part of our integrations is the Single Sign-on (SSO), which means that users can use a single sign-on to gain access to all integrated systems.



is easy

We offer a comprehensive turnkey solution. It includes the software, training and continuous support.

Our long experience gives us a solid and comprehensive picture of the current – and future – needs of the various social and health care organizations. We are familiar with both the private and public health care sectors. We serve both service providers and governments with interRAI implementations and digital tools.

Our strong expertise helps us to offer functional solutions and the right models for the changing needs of our diverse client base.