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February 2017

The new interRAI Acute Care launched in Australia

The Global Acute Care Excellence Forum was held 20-21 February in Brisbane Australia. The new interRAI Acute Care was launched at the event. University of Queensland and Raisoft Ltd have been working closely together in the developing process.

– Development has been ongoing for about 5 years and Raisoft joined the team little over a year ago. The new version on interRAI Acute Care is vastly shorter than previsous version. And in spite of its brevity, it captures problems and identifies risks with the same level of precision as traditional screeners, says CEO Robert Åström from Raisoft. He attended the Forum with Raisoft Specialist Maria Storbacka. 

According to Åström the feedback has been very positive and the work continues. 

– The new interRAI Acute Care has been tested in Australia for 6 month now. Feedback has been very couraging. 

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