Febuary 2019

Care plan with the push of a button

In late January about thirty RAI-LTC liaison persons gathered in Oulu, Finland, for the annual get-together. The topics were how quality criteria and quality development are fulfilled in units with 24/7 care and in facilities with intensive assisted-living.

Oulu has used the on-line version, RAIsoft.net, since 2017.

- With a fantastic group like this it is easy to take RAI-usage even further, even if we still have lots to learn, say Elisa Veteläinen and Anne Pasanen, two of RAI Key Users, as they show off the result of the quality work.

By all measurements the hard long-term work has paid off and made a huge impact on the quality work, which has improved a lot.

For example at ´Venla´, a psychiatric-geriatric ward in Intiö nursing home, the use of medications among the clients has decreased as a result of the work.

- We started with a multi-professional team of pharmacists, care workers and doctors, but it´s the attitude of the care workers that has been completely decisive. We try to actively develop the care work and multi-medication of our clients was something that raised concerns. We don´t want to either under- or over-medicate, no drugs should be kept "on" and we are constantly looking for other alternatives to drugs. The most important thing is to meet the client and to be present, says Tanja Salmi, RAI-liaison at ´Venla´.

Good preparation makes care plan work easy

An important part of the quality work is the individual care plan made for each client. In Oulu the RAIsoft Care Plan Module has proven to be a great tool for saving time.

- When you do RAI-assessments carefully and make entries at the individual questions, a care plan is generated practically by pushing a button. The starting point is a thorough preparatory work. This is something everybody agrees on at the meeting.

- What is also good is that when the care plan is based on the RAI-assessment they match each other to 100 %. Earlier the care plan work began sometimes 1-2 months after the RAI-assessment was done and then the differences were quite big, says Elisa Veteläinen.

Raisoft educates Key Users

Director of service Elisa Veteläinen and physiotherapist Anne Pasanen have been using RAI for a long time and are managing the RAI LTC-group in Oulu for the last 5-6- years. In spring 2018 they decided to join RAIsoft´s course for Key Users.

- We have a knowledgeable team here and we felt that we have nothing more to give. We decided to get more information ourselves, say Pasanen and Veteläinen.

Both women are very happy with the course.

- Mutual learning has been fantastic in our group. You don´t have to figure out everything yourself when you take part of the other one´s experiences and approaches.

- During the course we have updated the overall working procedures and developed our own model on how to become RAI-experts, Veteläinen and Pasanen say.

They are thankful for the good cooperation with Raisoft.

- It´s always easy to get a hold of somebody at Raisoft and help is always available when needed.