December 2020

RAIsoft Expert Suvi enjoys nature and everyday life

Summer cycling in Harrinniemi, Kokkola 
RAIsoft expert Suvi Pensaari - is very familiar to many of our customers. Suvi is an educator and expert, and well known among our Finnish customers, her clear and energetic voice, is also familiar from our online course lectures.

- I am a trained public health nurse and community health nurse. My first contact with RAI was in the early 2000s. When it was first introduced in Kokkola, I was working in a home nursing facility. I ended up becoming the RAI manager of my home care unit.

Suvi recalls how at that time, Raisoft was still a small company, whose core group - Johan Jansson, Magnus Nygård and Johan Boholm - she worked closely with. She gained a lot of RAI experience before going on her first Maternity leave and temporarily moving to Espoo with her family in 2006.

- I did my first training sessions at Kokkola before my maternity leave. At that time, there was no cloud service, so at the beginning of the training, the Raisoft Client software was installed directly onto each clients computer. On care leave, after moving back to Kokkola, I started doing regular training gigs one day a week, with my mother or sister taking care of my firstborn.

At the turn of the 2000s and 2010s, education was still very paper-based.

- I often combined outdoor activities with going to Raisoft. I once remember pulling my son on a sled to collect forms and manuals from Anne Boholm before the next day of training

Seven years and three sons later

The same pace continued for almost 7 years - and the number of boys increased from one to three. Sometimes Suvi was on a 100% maternity leave, on her care leave she continued her training gigs. When the youngest turned 2 years old, Suvi said it would be a good time to get back to work.

- I started as a full-time employee of Raisoft in the fall of 2013.

During these years, Suvi's expert role has grown and developed, and so have the trainings.

- As a trainer and even in the early days of my regular job, the trainings were more of a lecture type. The forms and other material were carefully reviewed point by point. In recent years, when basic education has moved very strongly into online studies, the nature of my own work has changed significantly.

RAIsoft expert is increasingly a coach who designs and pulls packages tailored to the individual needs of the client.

- An increasing number of trainings are aimed at management and those responsible for the use of RAI. Expert meetings have become very interactive and conversational. I am also involved a lot with customers in different quality and development projects. Based on the customers' goals, I can prepare ready-made analyzes and report templates for their use. Through these changes, the time I spend on design has also increased significantly. This development has brought a whole new depth, meaningfulness, and good challenges to my work, Suvi describes.

She notes that one of the most rewarding moments for an expert is to see how, with longer cooperation, you can follow the development of your customers' use of RAI.

- It’s very interesting seeing, when the customer organization has embraced the tool and realized what all you can get out of the data collected. RAIsoft software is the ultimate tool!

On the football field or in the woods

Sporty Suvi loves the forest above all else and constantly carries all kinds of twigs and dead sticks home to decorate the interior of the home. In addition to Suvi's sons, the new family includes a spouse already his adult children. Everyday life revolves far around the schedules of boys who are active in football.

- I follow a lot of sports and I also like the edge of the football field. I love to be outdoors and spend a lot of time in the woods. Almost every weekend there will be some excursion or hiking. In winter we ski. I visit Lapland as often as possible and have a great time in the north, a large part of my family roots are there. I have a strong sports background from my youth and it still carries - exercise is an important counterbalance to work, Suvi says and promises that she can find good nature trail tips both in the vicinity of Kokkola and in different parts of Lapland.

On the other hand, Suvi is also a gourmet chef and an avid housewife.

- I like to do things around the house. I also enjoy baking and cooking.

Suvi has had a great time at Raisoft over the years.

- Raisoft is a truly humane workplace that works with the family above. Raisoft is always on the side of its employees and our well-being is one of the important goals of the company. I have always felt that this whole outfit is blowing on common coal. You can always ask your co-workers for help and know they will get it, Suvi thanks.