April 2019

The Biggest Competitor in the Office

 Miikka's grass is greener at Raisoft.
Chief Development Officer, Miikka Puumala, joined Raisoft as a software tester in March 2010. Initially, the son of a farmer did not plan to become an IT man in the first place.

- After the army in 1997, I moved from Ullava to Kokkola, to study at TEKU. I had applied to the machine side, but there weren't enough applicants. So I was suggested to move to the IT side, where I started my studies in the line of automation technology, he recalls.

Towards the end of his studies, Saraware, which had recently expanded to Kokkola, was looking for more experts to work with.

- I started at Saraware in the spring of 2000 while working on my thesis. In the beginning, I was a software tester, and over time, I became a team leader and then a group manager.

Over the years, the ownership structure of the company changed and the name was changed to Wipro. Miikka began to think that the grass might be greener somewhere else.

- I wanted to continue developing my skills and in addition to my work I started "technology competence management" YAMK studies.

- In the spring of 2010, I noticed that Raisoft was looking for a software tester, and I had 10 years of experience in this matter. I already had managerial experience, so fairly quickly my job description started to expand, including project responsibility, customer work, and team leadership. My first title was Development Manager, and after a couple years it became Director of Development.

Now triple the team

As Chief Development Officer, Miikka leads Raisoft's largest team, which includes more than a third of the company's personnel.

- When I started as a software tester at Raisoft, there were only seven people in the software team, but now there are over 20 of us.

- There are no two similar days in this job. Sure, routines include many regularly recurring elements, such as weekly, sprint, and status meetings, but everything else lives and evolves all the time. The basic elements of my work are human resource management and project prioritization.

For example, in the autumn, such a large team spend a surprising amount of time on development discussions, which are of course important and rewarding on both sides, Miikka describes.

Miikka Puumala says that he enjoys his job and the workplace. In other respects, he feels completely healthy.

- The company's values match mine. Raisoft is a company where you get the freedom to do things the way you see fit when you prove yourself worthy of trust.

Therapy through forestry and sport

As the son of a farmer, for Miikka, the countryside is still close to heart.

- Especially forestry work is my favorite therapy.

Miikka also says that he spends a lot of time being active. At a younger age, he tried all kinds of sports, from ski jumping to athletics and volleyball.

- Sport is the best way to relieve work pressures and let go of everything else. I am in general quite competitive, both with my opponent and myself, so all games bring out my most competitive side. Especially when it comes to ball sports (floorball, soccer, volleyball, etc.).

However, floorball is closest to his heart.

- I have been playing floorball at different levels for twenty years, and now I am also involved in youth coaching, says the father of two.