October 2019

Kokkola Became Home

In 2008, 20-year old Siyuan Xue from China moved to Kokkola, Finland to study at Centria School of applied sciences. Through Johan Jansson (CTO) he found Raisoft and started his career at the company in 2011, at first writing his dissertation and soon finalizing a thesis for Univerity of Jyväskylä.

- I wasn´t supposed to stay in Kokkola. I only planned to stay here during my studies and then move to Helsinki or Turku, he says.

But as it turns out Kokkola and Raisoft won his heart.

- I do like Kokkola, people are very real here. Nowadays when my wife and I return back to Finland after traveling to China we only make a quick tour in Helsinki to eat and then hurry back to Kokkola. We have many friends here and a strong network.

All about integrations

From the very beginning Siyuan Xue, familiarly known as "Simo" by his colleagues, has been the "integration man" at Raisoft.

- I learned from Lucas Wikström (SaaS Manager) and today I am the one who teaches others what to do. One could say that everything there is to know about Raisoft.net I know.

Although Simo already knows "everything" there is still more to learn.

- Integrations develop constantly and there are new clients, programs, languages, standards all the time. The integration work never stops.

Chinese calendar

Simo and his wife got married in spring 2017 and in January 2020 they are expecting their first child, a baby daughter. Because the Chinese calendar is completely different to the Western one the baby will be born either very old or very young. Number zero does not exist so even a newborn is considered being 1 year old.

- Our baby´s due date is on the Chinese New Year. If she is born before the due date she will be 1 year old, if she is born right after the new year she will be 2 years old.

Simo admits that the birth of his baby daughter is also a little bit intimidating. The father-to-be is thinking about all the things that are going to change with the birth of a baby.

- It is going to be surprise, one that you cannot foresee in advance. I am not quite sure what to expect.

Fish and technology

Simo is an avid fisherman. His objective when fishing is to catch some good fish for dinner, the fishing method and gear come second. The bream for instance is a good catch.

- Finnish people seem to be a bit put off by bony fish. I have no problem picking out bones as I eat, he confirms.

In general Simo is interested in the development of technology and everything new.

- During my free time I learn all sorts of new things that can be of use in my work too, that is really motivating for me.

When Simo is not at work he tries to be more physically active. Also the Northern sports have become familiar.

- I try to do more but I´m quite lazy, he smiles. When I was younger I played a lot of basketball. I don´t like cross country skiing in particular, but downhill skiing is lots of fun.