March 2015

CTO Johan Jansson plays the trombone and studies for PhD

Johan Jansson,  Chief Technical Officer at Raisoft, was involved in a RAI-project already before Raisoft was founded.

– I was a student and during the summer holiday in 2000 I worked in the Chydenius Institute with a RAI project. The following summer I continued with the same project and I started working at Raisoft late in 2001. At first remotely from Helsinki as I was still finishing my studies. In 2004 my family and I moved back to Kokkola and I started working full-time at Raisoft in January 2005. In February I obtained my Master of Science degree in Engineering, Jansson says.
In the beginning of his career Johan worked as a programmer but soon his work shifted towards planning.

– In almost 15 years all aspects of the organisation have become familiar. I have even done some customer training.

As the CTO Johan Jansson examines the products from a technical point of view and is responsible for the technical solutions and their incorporations into the organisation.

– It´s important to be in touch with our clients and to listen to their needs. Technical solutions are not done for a self-purpose but the goal is to harness a specific technology to serve a customer´s needs in the best possible way.
There is an inside joke going around at Raisoft that when a customer says: "there should be a button, that..." Johan will find out what kind of "button" the customer is talking about.

– I lead a team that analyses every customer´s wants and needs and finds a solution to the problems that the customer presents. Most likely the answer isn´t a new button on the main menu but a function or basic need that we can implement in the program´s functions.

Brass band and family life

In 10 years the family has grown. The oldest daughter is 10, middle daughter is 7 and the youngest one is 3. The father of three doesn´t have any problems filling his free time.

– I started playing the trumpet in the church brass band when I was ten. After a couple of years I switched to the trombone and have stuck to that. When I was studying I took a couple of years break from playing but when I moved back to Kokkola, I was talked into playing again by the same group. Thursdays are band practice nights.

Johan´s musical interest has also inspired his daughters; the oldest one plays flute in the same brass orchestra.

– I´m the type of person who gets easily excited about all kinds of things. For instance I have a radio amateur-exam and on Monday nights you might find me orienteering in the forests around Kokkola. I also have participated in sail racing but the last few years we´ve mostly been boating with my parent´s motor boat.

PhD next

In February 2015 a new interesting project began. During a three-year project with Kokkola University Consortium Chydenius, Johan is working 60 % at Raisoft and 40 % as a researcher for the University.

– I thought already when I graduated that it would be fun to continue studying. But work life kept me busy and I kind of put the thought of post graduate studies on the back burner. A few years ago my brother-in-law got his PhD and that inspired me again. And when the University offered me a 3-year contract as a project researcher in Health sciences I felt that now is the time. I don't believe my doctoral thesis will be done in this time but at least it will be well on its way.

Johan says that it´s not the Doctor´s hat that motivates him to do his post graduate research.

– I am always excited to learn something new. Even when I was a young boy the library was my favourite place. I´ve always been interested in how and why the world spins the way it does.