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7 October 2022

Raisoft becomes part of Vitec Software Group

Swedish Vitec Software Group AB (publ) acquired the entire share capital of the Finnish software company Oy Raisoft Ltd. With the transaction, Raisoft will become part of Vitec Software Group on October 5, 2022.
The acquisition will not affect Raisoft's operations, and all staff will continue as old employees.

"Raisoft is a profitable and well-managed company that fits well with our business model and corporate culture. We are pleased to welcome Raisoft's more than 60 employees to our team," says Olle Backman, CEO of Vitec Software Group.

Vitec Software Group AB is a Swedish company founded in 1985 that owns a total of 35 IT companies. Most of the companies belonging to Vitec are in the Nordic countries, but there are also operations in other parts of Europe and in different parts of the world. Vitec Software Group specializes in software for vertical markets. This means that every company belonging to the Group is a top expert in its own special field.

"Vitec has a strong position with long experience and broad expertise in vertical software. For us, it is crucial to have a long-term owner who is committed to the continued development of the company. I am convinced that together we will continue to develop Raisoft for the benefit of our customers today and in the future," says Robert Åström, CEO Oy Raisoft Ltd underlining that Raisoft's operations will continue as before despite the merger.

Vitec Software Group's announcement about the acquisition.