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5th of October 2020

Raisoft Won Another Tender For Implementing interRAI Solutions in Switzerland

Raisoft Ltd has strengthened its position in Switzerland. In autumn 2018 the company won a large competition in the health care sector in a French-speaking canton and in May 2020 the winning bid in the canton of Geneva was confirmed.

– The competition and the start-up of the project has slowed down due to COVID-19, but now the contracts are signed and the work is getting off to a good start, says Raisoft's Chief International Customer Officer Jan Finell.

The project also has a positive employment effect.

– We have already strengthened Raisoft's resources of the French language with a couple of new recruitments and we will probably hire more people for our support services. We are constantly looking for IT professionals. We hope to find experienced coders.

InterRAI Home Care Assessment

In the canton of Geneva the tendering was carried out by the cantonal home care organization IMAD (Institution Genevoise de Maintien à Domicile). The agreement is for 4 + 1 years, which includes the patient information system integration that the customer configures using Raisoft's REST interface.

– Switzerland has been using the interRAI assessments for a long time. Raisoft has been the market leader in the German-speaking region for more than 15 years. Winning the tendering in Vaud and Geneva has now given us a strong position in the French-speaking market as well. interRAI has been used for a long time in the canton of Geneva. As a higher-level decision was made to implement the new interRAI Home Care, a choice was made to tender out the whole package at the same time. That´s how they became our customers, Finell describes.

New Data Center in Switzerland

RAIsoft software can be used as a cloud service (SaaS = Software as a Service) or installed on the customer's own server. In Finland the majority of Raisoft's customers have used the software as a cloud service and the same decision was made in Switzerland.

– The only condition was that the servers used by the cloud service must be located in Switzerland. The construction work of the data center has progressed on schedule and will be completed during October. Both the servers and the software package are scheduled to be up and running in December 2020.

From Raisoft's point of view the order of a new cloud service came at an excellent time, as the German-speaking Swiss customers who have been using RAIsoft software on their own servers have expressed an interest in becoming cloud users.

– Building a new data center is always a significant investment. It's good that we have paying customers from the start and new ones joining the ranks, says Robert Åström, CEO of Raisoft.

What exactly is interRAI and Raisoft?

An interRAI assessment is like a human SWOT analysis. It identifies the client's strengths, weaknesses, threats, and opportunities to ensure the best possible care plan and support. The evaluation forms have been prepared by the international, independent research organization interRAI.

– Our role has been to build software that collect the results of interRAI assessments into a database where they can be used at all levels of nursing. Of course, there are many other providers of interRAI software both in Finland and around the world but Raisoft is one of the leading companies in the industry, CEO Åström explains. The interRAI assessment system is widely used in Finland, especially in care for the elderly.

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