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18th of March 2020


- the whole staff is working remotely

Oy Raisoft LTD has instructed the whole staff to start working remotely since Monday the 16th of March, minimizing the personnel working at the office.

For the majoirty of our staff, working remotely has always been possible, and for many of us it is "business as usual". Therefore, this transition has been quite easy and smooth to organize.

In these extraordinary circumstances, 3-4 people are still working at the Raisoft office due to their line of duties or equipment they need to do their work. Our customer support works just as usual.

Information Security is number 1

Our procedures ensuring information security are at the core of working remotely. The whole staff of Raisoft is instructed to use our own, secure connections. Thanks to our field of business we have always been extra careful with information security. Therefore, we do not need to worry, our staff is already very familiar with safety procedures.

All Events Remotely

An important part of Raisoft's business is our coaching and other customer services provided by our Raisoft Specialists. Due to COVID-19, all coachings and events of Spring 2020 are to be held remotely or at a later date. This depends on both the customer's telecommunication connections and the fact that during these extraordinary circumstances our customers might not have time to participate in the training as planned earlier.

As for these changes, we will contact all our customers with planned trainings or other events. This work began already last week when we anticipated the government's guidelines.

Additional information:

Information Security Officer Peter Jansson +35840 821 4130, [email protected]
Chief International Customer Officer Jan Finell +358 41 549 4185, [email protected]
CEO Robert Åström +35844 588 0375, [email protected]