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15th May 2019

RAIsoft in Africa

Director Leon Geffen from the Samson Institute For Ageing Research: Our team in Mamre just before starting our Community door-to-door survey on Tuesday morning the 7th of May 2019. We are working out of an office at the community clinic in Mamre. Mamre is a rural town 60 km from Cape Town. We share the office (3x3 m) with a clinical nurse practitioner who runs a "well baby clinic" doing vaccinations and weighing children under 2 years old. I think we've shown that one doesn't need a big office to do great things.

We are pleased to announce that RAIsoft has its first customers in Africa. In a pilot project in South Africa, we are developing an all new self-assessment in co-operation with the Samson Institute For Ageing Research. We are very excited and looking forward to the possibilities this wonderful co-operation might bring to all of us.