5 July 2018

Raisoft Opens an Office in Lisbon

Account Manager Kataysa Cabrera.
In September, Oy Raisoft Ltd will open an office in Lisbon, Portugal. Account Manager Kataysa Cabrera, who has been working for Raisoft since the Autumn of 2016, will be the head of Raisoft´s operations in Southern Europe.

– I´ll be working in Lisbon from the beginning of July and have a new office at the beginning of September. I´m very happy for this opportunity. Now I am so much closer to our customers. I can meet them more often than before and attend many events.

Great Timing!

Raisoft´s clients and collaborators are very happy to hear the news. According to New Health Foundation's Director of Research Arturo Álvarez Rosete Raisoft´s timing is excellent.

– Over the recent years, the integrated care agenda has been emerging in both Iberian countries at a promising pace. In Spain, the Spanish Observatory on Integrated Care (OMIS) of the New Health Foundation has been identifying and analysing multiple innovative integrated care experiences currently in place across the country. The 2016 IFIC Conference (ICIC16) held in Barcelona showed the strength of such agenda. In Portugal, one of the key themes of the forthcoming 27th EAHM Congress (that will take place in Cascais in September this year) will be on how to move from service-delivery models to integrated healthcare systems. It is thus very timely and appropriate that Raisoft is opening an office in Lisbon, as it will certainly contribute to the expansion and consolidation of the move towards integrated care in both Spain and Portugal. The OMIS congratulates Raisoft for such initiative!

Cabrera agrees with Rosete.

– This step enables us to work more closely with our clients and seek new prospects in the entire of Iberian Peninsula. I´ve already made new contacts and have many interesting meetings, expos and congresses to look forward to.

Raisoft´s CEO Robert Åström is very pleased with the new office and confident that being close to customers bring benefits to all.

– This is a great step for Raisoft. An office in Lisbon enables new possibilities and a chance to serve our customers better than ever!