28 September 2018

Raisoft Expands in Switzerland

Oy Raisoft Ltd, a software and expert service provider in the healthcare industry, has been selected in a public bid to provide interRAI-based software solutions for AVASAD in Canton Vaud. The contract is set to start in January 2019.

Raisoft has been growing at a steady pace for several years, but the new contract marks a giant leap forward for the company. The new contract will also increase Raisoft's recruitment needs in the near future.

– We have been partnering with AVASAD (The Vaud Association for Home Care and Care) in Canton Vaud since March 2017 to test interRAI assessment instruments in a pilot project. The three-stage public bid opened in June 2018, we were first selected to the interview rounds and then through to the technical testing. From about ten different interRAI vendors from around the world, three were selected for the final round. Today we got the news that we have been selected, says a happy Robert Åström, CEO, over the phone from Portugal where he is attending the EAHM Congress for Hospital Managers where he is promoting Raisoft's new interRAI acute care solution.

The selection criteria for the bid were based on financial costs (30%), performance and functionalities of the software solution (50%), and presentation and references (20%). Raisoft's software solutions are widely used in the health care sector, especially senior care, but have been rapidly expanding into both mental health care, as well as care for individuals with special needs.

Expansion in French-Speaking Markets

Switzerland has been a target market for Raisoft for over 15 years, where Raisoft has been partnering with Q-Sys AG. Through the partnership, Raisoft has been providing interRAI-based software solutions for 500 nursing homes with roughly 45,000 beds. The new contract expands Raisoft's presence in the French-speaking Canton Vaud, where Raisoft will be servicing some 30,000 clients.

– Canton Vaud will first start using our screening solution for home care clients to assess clients' health status and care needs in order to provide them with the right services. The plan is to expand the implementation of interRAI assessment tools in the future.
Robert Åström's voice beams with excitement and joy.

– This is a big day for us. The selection is a recognition of the quality of our work, our commitment to customer service, and all the work we have put in to helping our clients. This is a good start for our company, says Åström with a smile, implying that there is more good news to come.

What is interRAI? And Who is Raisoft?

The interRAI assessment can be explained as a SWOT Analysis for a person. The assessment uncovers the person's strengths, weaknesses, threats, and opportunities to give care professionals the best available information for care planning and support. The interRAI system is owned and maintained by an international research organisation, interRAI, and Raisoft is one of many vendors licenced to use the proprietary method in their software solutions.

– Our mission is to build software solutions that collects interRAI data and refines the data so that it can be used at all levels of care, with one goal in mind – provide the best care possible for the client, Åström explains.

For more information please contact:
Robert Åström, CEO, +358-44 588 0375 or [email protected]