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16 February 2018

Brilliant System Administrator – we are looking for You!

When skilled people, versatile experience, a tremendous amount of positive spirit, international insight and the desire to invest in the wellbeing of staff and clients are all gathered under one roof, the result is a fantastic workplace where people feel great and are happy to work.

You will be working in our system administrators' team, where we are migrating our current solution into a Docker-based environment. The aim is to run our SaaS as a distributed high-availability solution. Automation of virtual machine management and docker orchestration is a key part of this process.


Our company, Raisoft Ltd provides a great work environment and we expect high standards.

• We are looking for solid skills – a minimum of 3 years working experience
• A knowledge of Linux and programming. Even better if you also know Docker and Windows servers. And should you have experience in SQL Server, networks, virtual platforms and script languages, all the better.
• You probably know English since you're reading this. Any additional language skills, such as Finnish, Swedish, Spanish, German, French or Italian is considered a bonus.
• Responsibility and diligence is your second nature and you have a passion for documentation.
• To you, providing a SaaS solution means teamwork first and foremost.
• You have, at minimum, a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or equivalent degree.

Come and work for us!

Send your application by March 9th, 2018 to our Chief Development Officer Miikka Puumala - [email protected] For further inquiries, please call our SaaS Manager Lucas Vikström 040 041 3081.

The sooner you can join our team the better.