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Digitialization is Crucial For Successful Business

Successful business is based on good partnerships. Raisoft has had the opportunity of collaborating with interRAI for over 20 years. Working with an international research organization is essential for producing evidence-based and innovative solutions.

When the pandemic hit, interRAI researchers were quick to develop a Covid-19 Vulnerability Screener (CVS), and Raisoft was asked to digitalize the solution. In record time we could launch the new tool in Canada and South Africa.

Where there is a will, there is a way!

Working directly with researchers and clinicians gave lots of insight. Screening of persons that are highly vulnerable in a pandemic situation is of most importance for action and care planning. For this purpose, practical tools need to be developed. Online meetings with our partners were held, protocols developed, ethical approvals granted, and servers were set up to roll out the project speedily in record time. Where there is a will there is a way!

The research group headed by Prof. John P. Hirdes from the University of Waterloo in Canada provided scientific evidence on screening items and vulnerability scales. For example, the research group developed a comorbidity count based on 3 million on interRAI home care and long-term care assessments in Canada and the US. These were integrated into the Raisoft solution used by the clinicians.

Over 1000 assessments made

In addition, Raisoft provided the research group with an analytic tool where data could be analyzed in real-time in a de-identified format. Research at it best involves and engages researchers in real-life problem-solving. During the pilot phase over 1,000 assessments were made in different settings. The success of this project came about as researchers, clinicians, and IT developers pulled and worked together.

Clinical pathways were developed on how to screen vulnerable persons and how to use more comprehensive Check-Up assessments for clinical consultations. In this environment, digitalization is crucial for handling and processing information. Now the solution is being rolled out in a normal fashion and new software innovations are in the pipeline. These would not happen without good collaboration with different stakeholders.

New Ideas and New Ways of Working

The pandemic has brought much pain, trouble, and sorrow to societies around the world. The other side of the coin is that it has boosted new ideas and new ways of working. Perhaps we can use this experience and move stronger together in the future.

Meeting online has become the norm and is here to stay. The CVS project showed that partnerships can be created even during a pandemic with its lockdowns. Working in a global market online communication and meetings must be grasped as a great opportunity. In the project none of us were able to meet physically, even locally our staff at Raisoft met online, and it worked.

Our Mission Continues

Many of us do miss the face-to-face meetings, great dinners, and traveling on this beautiful planet. However, one thing is clear, partnerships can and must be pursued even when we face obstacles. Humanity is sometimes viewed as a body, and this body works only when its members work together towards a common goal. At Raisoft our mission continues to serve the most vulnerable people in all phases of life, successfully with our partners.

Magnus Björkgren                                                                                                                           
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