Raisoft’s core values are honesty, transparency, and caring. The company was founded in 2000 by four dedicated persons who all still work for Raisoft. Our vision of making the most out of the digitalization of assessment instruments to support professionals in healthcare and social services stands firm.

Robert Åström returned to Finland in 1996, after having lived and worked five years in Toronto, Canada, and continued working for and in the two continents a while, contemplating possibilities and alternatives. Then when Magnus Björkgren, a good friend and researcher at the Kokkola University Consortium Chydenius, introduced him to interRAI, Robert's interest was immediately evoked.

"I thought - this could be something"

– I began to think that this could be something. The number of elderly people is increasing and that causes a lot of challenges. How can we take good care of everybody? This was a completely new territory, there were no IT solutions whatsoever. What could I do to ensure that if I need assistance at some point in life the Finnish health system can provide the right kind of care at the right time to every elderly person? says Robert Åström, who has a Master's degree in automatic data processing.

Raisoft has grown steadily year by year. Today we are the market leader in Finland and Switzerland and employs over 60 people. In addition clients are found across the globe, inlcuding Singapore, Austrialia, Canada, Germany, Norway, France, and Spain. A significant milestone was achieved on October 1st, 2020 when the Finnish government passed a new law mandating the interRAI Home Care and Long-Term Care instruments for elderly care.

"Constantly innovating and digitalizing new ideas"

During the last few years prevention has become increasingly important. When you address things early on it is easier and more cost efficient to change them and the results are usually better. Stemming from this thought a new product was created: Smart Break, a cloud based work wellness solution that inspires two three-minute activity breaks at the office. It all began as an in-office idea but became a spin-off and a new product.

We support children with critical illnesses - Gold Sponsor of Team Rynkeby


Making the quality and effectiveness of care visible is one of the cornerstones of Raisoft software and consultancy services. Therefore it is very important to us to take care and develop the quality and transparency of our own performance.

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Over the last few years, Vitec Raisoft has been growing steadily. We are always looking for new talents and lately we´ve hired especially new software experts.

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But that is not all. There are many others among us, including financial management experts and sales and marketing experts. Many of our RAIsoft specialists have a background in healthcare.

Check out our vacancies or leave an open application. Be creative and tell us about your expertise and skills in your own way.

You can also apply for an internship or a summer job through an open application. Why would you want to work for us? And why would we want you to join us? 

Note! Summer employees for 2024 have already been selected.


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Raisoft's core values are honesty, transparency, and caring. They guide us through every day. Our values are a natural way of acting for us, both with our customers and within the work community.


Honesty Transparency Caring

Getting to know us

Everyone working at Raisoft is worth a story. We´ll publish new stories every now and then.

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