RAIsoft's expert training

Training is an important part of Raisoft's operations. Our goal is to teach our clients to interpret and utilise the information provided by our software in a manner that is as high-quality and versatile as possible for the benefit of their clients and their own professional skills.

Our software is used in the home care and facility care of the elderly, mental health work and disabled care, not forgetting preventive health care!

We offer training for the staff, managers, supervisors and experts of care work:
• Managing the use of RAIsoft
• The administrative and basic functions of the software
• Operations development
• Knowledge management
• Content and results of assessments
• Utilising the results in the planning of care
• Mental health questions

We also offer customised expert services and train RAIsoft key experts, whose in-depth RAIsoft skills help the organisation to utilise our software even more extensively and effectively.

All of our RAIsoft experts have extensive first-hand RAI experience, in addition to which they have completed Raisoft's comprehensive onboarding training for the demanding position of an expert. We offer a strong foundation for management through information as well as operational assessments and development. Training is available in person and remotely. 

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