Raisoft is built around solid assessment expertise. We create software for measuring the patient's ability to function and the quality and effectiveness of the care they receive. Our software is used in the home care and long term care of the elderly, mental health care of the adult population, the care of the disabled and preventive work. It provides real-time information for decision-making at all levels of care.

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Raisoft.net cloud service


Cloud Service

Our software is available online – regardless of the user's location. The cloud service is a SaaS-based solution (Software as a Service).

The service package includes servers, technical maintenance and support, software upgrades and the data backups.
The annual fee is fixed – no unexpected expenses!

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Additional Modules
for data management

Additional modules are excellent tools for the processing and refining of the data collected through assessments.

The purpose of the modules is to help with the utilisation of the collected data. Among other benefits, they provide truthful information that can be used to create personal treatment plans and make it easier to observe things from a wider angle, which is useful when, for example, managing resources, comparing regional differences and the reasons behind them or forming general policies.

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Fluent integration facilitates work

Raisoft has long-term extensive experience in system integration. Fluent integration significantly reduces the staff's workload, as information recorded in one system is transferred to other necessary systems as well.
The RAIsoft software retrieves, for example, the client's basic information, medication information, diagnoses and any used home services from the patient database for use as the foundation for RAI assessments. Similarly, the RAI assessment information automatically becomes a part of the patient database through integration.

An important part of functional integration is the Single Sign-on (SSO), which means that users do not need to sign separately into each system they use. A single sign-on gives access to all integrated systems.


is easy

We offer a comprehensive turnkey solution. It includes the software, training and continuous support.

Our long experience gives us a solid and comprehensive picture of the current – and future – needs of the various social and health care organisations. We are familiar with both the private and public health care sectors, both domestically and internationally.

Our strong expertise helps us to offer functional solutions and the right models for the changing needs of our diverse client base.


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